Standnummer: 2-209

Firma: XJet
Strasse: 10 Oppenheimer Street
Suche: 7670110
Ort: Rehovot
Land: Israel
Telefon: +972 (0) 89 31 46 20
Standnummer: 2-209


XJet is a provider of ground-breaking metal and ceramic additive manufacturing technologies and solutions. Founded in 2005, XJet developed and introduced the revolutionary NanoParticle Jetting™ technology. With a decade of research behind it, XJet NPJ technology enables the production of metal or ceramic parts with the same ease and versatility of inkjet printing without compromising throughput or quality. XJet’s world-class team of skilled industry veterans and dynamic R&D specialists holds over 80 registered and pending patents. Leveraging its proprietary technology and proven expertise, XJet is redefining the metal and ceramic AM industries.